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How 5G technology could revolutionize government communications

The fifth generation of mobile technology, 5G, promises federal agencies faster speed for data transmissions, lower latency for better performance, and greater ...

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With the government’s increasing reliance on wireless technology, Verizon is responding with 5G — the next generation of connectivity that will deliver a quantum leap in speed and capacity.

In a series of interviews with Federal News Network, Mike Maiorana, SVP of Public Sector and Nick Nilan, Director of Public Sector Product Development, described the potential applications of 5G for government agencies.

Future benefits across the government could include the ability to use 5G in the place of wired communications, allowing agencies to provide fast communications anywhere, even inside buildings they don’t own, or to remote outposts and workers performing their duties off-site. Other possible applications include things like high definition or ultra-high definition video surveillance without the need for a wired infrastructure; or autonomous air- and land-based drones for inspections and disaster recovery.

Achieving the estimated 20-times increase in speed will require everything from a wider range of frequencies to stronger signals. 5G Ultra Wideband technology will reduce latency and offer additional connectivity options with fiber-like speeds.

Verizon officials predict 5G will be a huge boon for government agencies, and are willing to work with agencies to tailor 5G offerings to complement improvements to existing applications and services. As Verizon deploys the new 5G infrastructure nationally, the company looks forward to partnering with government agencies to revolutionize how government connects employees, services and the citizens it serves.

Learn more about 5G for government from the video excerpts with Maiorana and Nilan below.


The Meaning Behind 5G

5G will enable exponentially faster connections, and exponentially lower latency, to enable amazing outcomes for government.


5G and Modernization

Increased speed can also mean increased analysis of data.


Federal Adoption of 5G

Every single federal customer meeting we are having, 5G is front and center.

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