Holiday or same old, same old?

Many American workers and most federal employees are enjoying one of the few non-Monday holidays on the government calendar. Hopefully a lot of them can stretch it into a four-day weekend which is good for body and soul.

It’s also good for local merchants and folks who run restaurants, operate movie theaters or own parking lots.

But tens of thousands of government workers from the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Treasury, Justice, Interior and Agriculture are on the job today doing their thing so that you and I can take some time off. If you are flying somewhere, about to take off or just landed, think about the air traffic controllers, other Federal Aviation Administration employees and airport security types who got you to your destination on time and safely.

So if you are off, enjoy. And if you are working, thank you. We don’t know what many of you are doing because your job is to avoid attention, but we are grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!


Nearly Useless Factoid

By Amelia Brust

A whole orange will float in water but a peeled orange will sink. This is because the rind is porous and less dense than the fruit’s skin underneath.

Source: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

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