On DoD: Army transitions Network Integration Evaluations to Army Warfighting Assessments

On this week’s edition of On DoD: An update on the Army’s Network Integration Evaluation. The NIE process for testing and integrating new technology into the Army’s inventory is several years old now, but it’s undergoing significant changes.

The round which just concluded at and around Fort Bliss, Texas served as a proof of concept for a new construct the Army is calling the Army Warfighting Assessment, and starting next year, the NIE will transition from a twice a year event to once-per-year. One of those annual NIEs will be replaced with an Army Warfighting Assessment, a construct the Army thinks will be more flexible and let industry offer prototypes for on-the-ground testing by soldiers.

Two guests join us this week to update the Army’s NIE and AWA process:

— Brig. Gen. Terrence McKenrick, Commanding General, Army Brigade Modernization Command

—  Gary Martin, Program Executive Officer for Command, Control and Communications– Tactical (PEO-C3T).