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Cloud migration and management go better with a data-analytics driven approach

Cloud and the hybrid use of agency data centers together with commercial cloud services providers are at the center of federal agency modernization efforts. The federal Cloud Smart and IT Modernization policies both stress this idea. And yet though there’s been a lot of activity, most agencies have a long way to go to fully realize the benefits of these strategies.

Cloud migration and deployments can often best be looked at as data exercises. After all, it’s data that powers applications, digital services, and analytics. Moreover, data produced by all of the network infrastructure activities can be analyzed to improve the migration process, cybersecurity and IT agility.

Watch and listen as two experts from Splunk discuss the chief considerations, challenges and benefits of continuing the march to a hybrid cloud strategy encompassing all of an agency’s strategic data assets.


Benefits of the Cloud in Modernization

The biggest thing about cloud is, what are people looking to achieve? What outcomes are people looking for? Cloud is an enabler for mission outcomes or innovating faster … security, flexibility, agility.


Use Cases

[At CMS] transitioning to cloud resulted in just a faster time to value for Medicaid recipients. And security. Think pf the PHI and PII information that they process. And the scale to analyze this huge volume of data. This would have been much more expensive, slower and harder to scale in their own data center.


The Complexity of Moving to the Cloud

By leveraging data you have through an analytics platform, you can understand where you stand, and check your progress as you go, making your [cloud] migration initiative seamless. With the right platform you don’t have to worry about data ingestion, normalization or standardization. It’s done for you.

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  • Andy Hershey

    Global Area Vice President, Cloud Sales and Go-to-Market Transformation, Splunk

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    Chief Technical Advisor, Public Sector, Splunk

  • Tom Temin

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