Foodie and the Beast – Feb. 19, 2023

Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.
On today’s show:
·        Brad Parkes, partner at Masq Hard Organic Tea  and Masq Hard Coconut Water, and his wife, BeBe, co-creator of Masq’s product line. Masq was built for people who live an active lifestyle and enjoy drinking with friends but also care about the ingredients that they are putting into their bodies;                                                                                                              
·        Is it proper to call a hotel “sexy?” It is when it’s the new Salamander Hotel Washington D.C. Centrally located near downtown’s major attractions, the Salamander enjoys an ideal setting close to Capitol Hill, where it offers a top-of-the-hospitality-food-chain experience.  How good is it? The hotel’s assistant director of food and beverage, Gina Netisingha, its marketing manager, Janelle Burt, and visiting celebrity pastry chef, Lasheeda Perry, tell us all about it;                                                                
Suyo is dedicated to discovering small batch producers in Peru and introducing their pisco to the world. Company cofounder Alex Hildebrandt joins us;
·        Brian Zaro is the fourth-generation owner of Zaro’s Family Bakery. The iconic family-owned bakery has 14 locations across New York and New Jersey. The first Zaro’s was opened in The Bronx in 1927 by Joseph Zaro, a Jewish immigrant from Poland. Today the Zaro family runs the business and serves over 3 million customers a year. To celebrate 95 years of Zaro’s Family Bakery, the fourth-generation team has launched a line of Black & Whites,, a twist on a classic New York dessert.