Foodie and the Beast – March 5, 2023

Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.
On today’s show:
·         Will Shifrin, director of food and beverage, Marriott Bethesda Downtown, which offers several spots in the hotel for food and drink, but … ya gotta see the Hip Flask Rooftop. There is nothing like it in Bethesda for miles around;                                                                                                        
·        Fairfax City Restaurant Week is back and it features awesome opportunities to taste and try the full spectrum of Fairfax City’s diverse offerings. Joining us with the inside scoop are Kathleen Paley, commissioner, Fairfax City Economic Development Authority, and Bill Hamrock, owner/chef, Hamrock’s Restaurant;                                                                                                                    
·        H Street’s Bronze Restaurant is something quite different and fascinating. It’s a restaurant inspired by Afro-futurism, which melds fantasy and gastronomy with the culture of the African diaspora. It tells the imaginary 700-year-old story of Alonzo Bronze, who travels freely around the globe searching for new cultures to learn from and share with. Bronze’s owner, Keem Hughley,  joins us;
·        Sara Quinteros-Shilling and Reid Shilling of the Waterfront’s Shilling Canning Company are with us today. Shilling’s fourth anniversary is coming up. It seems like yesterday that they last joined us on air to discuss the restaurant’s opening. We hear what Sara and Reid have planned for the anniversary celebration at the Shilling Canning Company.