2017 budget request

  • White House details how it wants civilian agencies to cut $18B in FY2017

    According to budget documents that Federal News Radio obtained, the Food and Drug Administration would see $40 million in cuts to employee salaries and administrative expenses during the last five months of fiscal 2017. The Homeland Security Department would lose $41 million for the Financial Systems Modernization program, a shared services effort affiliated with the Interior Department’s Interior Business Center.

  • With White House 2017 budget amendment, time is on civilian agencies’ side

    The process might not be pretty, but budget experts predict civilian agencies won’t face $18 billion in spending cuts during the last five months of fiscal 2017. The President submitted a budget amendment for 2017 last week, which proposed major boosts to defense and homeland security spending and civilian agency offsets.

  • There’s a 2017 budget amendment too. It calls for $18 billion in cuts to civilian agencies

    The White House is also requesting a $3 billion boost to the Homeland Security Department, along with an additional $30 billion in defense and Overseas Contingency Operations funding for fiscal 2017. Civilian agencies would shoulder $18 billion in spending cuts. The additional funding for DHS would help the department prepare and enact the President’s executive orders on border security and immigration.

  • IRS answers twice as many calls in 2016, but House quashes hope for more funding

    The IRS answered 73 percent of phone calls during the 2016 tax filing season, compared with 37 percent in 2015. Average wait times were cut in half as well. Taxpayers waited an average of 11 minutes to speak with an IRS representative this year, compared to 23 minutes the year before.

  • Post-Scalia fight will send budget ‘regular order’ skittering away

    My first thought on seeing the news on my smartphone with near-simultaneous alerts from four major news organizations: Oh, here comes another ugly battle in Washington.

  • White House raises cyber stakes with request for 35 percent increase in 2017

    President Barack Obama plans to ask Congress for $19 billion for federal cybersecurity efforts in fiscal 2017. The White House wants to use some of the money to create a $3.1 billion IT modernization fund and provide more education to federal employees as part of a new cyber national action plan.