aging workforce

  • Lots of under-35s work for the government, just not in it

    You’ll find larger numbers of young people working on federal contracts rather than at the awarding agencies.

  • Government hiring of young people continues to be terrible

    Commentator Jeff Neal says claims that the low numbers of under 30-year-old federal hires are due to decreased federal hiring in general aren’t really true.

  • Time to change your political filter?

    Friday’s column asked if key workers and executives are leaving in protest or if they are simply retiring from a rapidly-aging government?  So we asked you and here’s what we got.

  • Are feds really bailing out in protest?

    If you search employee exodus from federal government you will get more hits than reading the Old Testament. But is it true?

  • Aging federal workforce complicates recruiting technological skills

    The federal government is having a hard time attracting employees with up-to-date technology skills. One data point that illustrates the problem: Roughly half of the government’s technology workforce is over the age of 50.

  • Replacing an aging federal workforce

    With much of the federal workforce gradually growing older and reaching retirement age, what is the government doing to hire and train the next generation of national security workers? A Senate subcommittee is looking at…