• DoD to mark first ‘go-live’ of its new electronic health record

    Almost exactly four years after the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments decided to go their separate ways in their projects to modernize their electronic health records, DoD’s brand new EHR is now up and running, at least at one base.

  • VA says it’s met congressional mandate to make its health records interoperable with DoD

    Department of Veterans Affairs certifies to Congress that is it fully interoperable with DoD medical IT systems. But future of VA’s own health record system is yet to be decided.

  • Pentagon says it’s complied with health data interoperability mandate

    By the end of the week, DoD says it will certify to Congress that its health IT system is interoperable with the Department of Veterans Affairs. But the certification is a year later than Congress ordered, and VA has yet to issue its own certification.

  • DoD chooses interoperability over integration for new e-health record system

    Frank Kendall says many different factors played into the Pentagon’s decision to go with a competitive bidding process to develop its integrated electronic health record system, instead of adopting VA’s VistA program. He said DoD wants to ensure its system is interoperable not just with VA hospitals but with civilian health facilities as well. In addition, Kendall cited cultural differences between the two large agencies.

  • VA, DoD to test initial joint e-health record in July

    Agency officials will meet in June to approve the rollout of the first piece of an integrated and interoperable electronic health record for soldiers and veterans. VA and DoD also are creating a centralized database that will be located in DISA’s data centers.

  • Records sharing between DOD and the VA

    Debbie Filippi with the Interagency Program Office joins host John Gilroy to talk about pilot programs that allow DoD and the VA to share medical information. May 3, 2011

  • VA, DoD investigate serious health record error

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to solve the mystery of how the Pentagon’s health information system mistakenly accessed a confidential treatment form in the VA’s health record system. The mistake kept one veteran from returning to combat.

  • DoD seeks ideas to modernize its e-health record

    The request for information is part of a broader effort to ensure DoD has capabilities to meet its growing needs and expectations. The Military Health System also has created an EHR Way Ahead Program Office to help oversee the modernization of the health record.

  • Dod’s New eHealth System

    Military officials say they have changed their cost and schedule estimates to implement an electronic health records system that is easier to use and better than the current one, called AHLTA. By the end of…