Records sharing between DOD and the VA

Debbie Filippi with the Interagency Program Office joins host John Gilroy to talk about pilot programs that allow DoD and the VA to share medical information. M...

May 3, 2011 — The Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs have a congressional mandate to exchange highly sensitive medical data.

The ironic thing is DoD’s system is called VistA (Veterans’ Health Information System) and the VA’s system is called AHLTA (Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Architecture).

Debbie Filippi works at the Interagency Program Office (IPO) and sits at the apex of both systems coming together.

On today’s show, Filippi gives us a quick overview of VistA and AHLTA and she talks about the pilot programs her agency has put together to test the interoperability.

The idea is to have a secure record for an individual that can be accessed in a variety of locations. The approach IPO uses involves rolling out pilots in geographic areas with lots of veterans. At each module, they can take lessons learned to the next geographic pilot. By 2012 the system will be complete.

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