Al Tarasiuk

  • Tarasiuk to be next ODNI CIO

    The Office of the Director for National Intelligence has a new chief information officer – Al Tarasiuk.

  • Intel CIOs finding common ground in shared services

    Chief information officers in the intelligence community said despite cultural challenges, it makes sense to treat the IC as one IT enterprise. They owe an implementation plan to IC agency heads by the end of this year.

  • DoD, intelligence community tune in, turn off IT systems

    The Defense Department and the intelligence community are working on joint data standards as they migrate toward enterprise IT environments. Both organizations also are implementing roles-based, access control to ensure secure information sharing.

  • IT sharing at the center of the Intel community’s second transformation

    Al Tarasiuk, the chief information officer for ODNI and for the intelligence community, said the IC-IT Enterprise strategy is centralizing technology services across the 17 agencies. October 11, 2012(Encore presentation November 22, 2012)

  • Intel Community offers first glimpse of future IT tools, network

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence said the lead agencies under the IC IT Enterprise program launched a standard desktop, a secure community cloud and an apps store in mid-August. Al Tarasiuk, the assistant DNI and intelligence community chief information officer, said the key to this effort was having an ICwide agreed-upon security architecture and policies.

  • ODNI CIO now driving integration of new IT architecture, tools

    Al Tarasiuk, the chief information officer of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, took over the systems integration role for the intelligence community IT Enterprise (ICITE) program after progress slowed. September 26, 2013

  • DoD, intelligence community finding common enterprise IT ground

    The intelligence community and the Defense Department are both trying to build IT networks that attempt to get rid of IT stovepipes. In the process, they’ve found a few ways to work together.

  • Intel agencies push shared IT services from concept to reality

    After two years of planning and pilot programs, the intelligence community says its plan to integrate the IT systems of its 17 agencies is moving forward toward large-scale adoption.

  • Intel community’s MUG tackling enterprise IT adoption

    Al Tarasiuk, the intelligence community’s chief information officer, said the Intelligence Community IT Enterprise (ICITE) program is less about technology and more about getting widespread buy-in from the analysts and collectors.

  • NASA loses key federal executive; ODNI, Justice get new ones

    The federal human resources community is losing a key member. Jeri Buchholz, the NASA chief human capital officer and assistant administrator for human capital management, is retiring on July 31. She is moving to industry…