Amazon HQ2

  • The clearance job market: An update

    Evan Lesser, president and founder of, joins host Derrick Dortch to discuss the state of the clearance job market and whether the federal government has made any progress in speeding up the security clearance process.

  • Amazon’s impact on your paycheck

    Landing half of the new Amazon HQ2 operation has even the most sophisticated inside-the-Beltway person paying attention. More than 25,000 new jobs averaging salaries of $150,000 per annum is a big deal.

  • Amazon HQ2’s impact on federal pay

    Amazon will shortly announce where on the East Coast it will move, bringing what are described as 50,000 “well-paying” tech jobs, and three Washington, D.C. metro area locations made the original short-list.

  • Feds have major stake in Amazon HQ2 hunt

    Observers are casting their bets on which city will be chosen for Amazon’s coveted HQ2 facility, and the jobs that come with it.