Anne Rung

  • Trump to finally nominate OFPP administrator

    The White House said President Trump intends to nominate Michael Wooten, the senior advisor for acquisitions at the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid office, to lead the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.

  • Two studies debunk ‘urban myths’ about GSA Advantage

    The Coalition for Government Procurement and the Naval Postgraduate School found agencies were getting better deals through GSA Advantage than through pilots using Amazon.

  • OFPP administrator, where art thou?

    OFPP has been without a permanent administrator for almost two years and with no nominee in sight, experts question whether having a Senate confirmed one matters any more.

  • As GSA seeks feedback, Amazon goes on offensive to explain commercial e-commerce portal benefits

    Anne Rung, the former administrator in the Office of Federal Procurement Policy and now is director of Amazon business government, said the government can move to an existing e-commerce portal with little or no cost.

  • Threat to industry and government: Category management

    Russell Smith, the president of Organizational Communications Inc., encourages other vendors to speak out against the Obama administration’s category management effort.

  • A case of premature circulation by OFPP?

    The Office of Federal Procurement Policy issued a draft circular to institutionalize category management, but some experts question whether the initiative needs more time before putting into policy.

  • Rung to leave OFPP for Amazon

    Anne Rung, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy administrator and U.S. Chief Acquisition Officer, will be moving to Seattle to work as the head of Amazon Business where she will run its strategic supplier program focusing on the government.

  • All things contracting

    What are the current issues facing the government contracting market? Find out when Larry Allen of Allen Federal Business Partners joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center. August 8, 2016

  • Mobile device memo builds on category management foundation

    The Office of Management and Budget issued a final memo banning most new contracts for mobile devices and services.

  • What will make category management trickle down?

    A new Office of Federal Procurement Policy memo and proposed rule by the FAR Council are part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to change the way agencies buy products and services.