• Is turning 62 the magic moment for feds?

    Most people stop looking forward to birthdays after they first become eligible to drive, or vote.

  • Pension or annuity: Fighting words

    But the one way to anger many feds is to tell them or remark that they are lucky to have such a good pension — then stand back.

  • Thinking retirement: When, where and why?

    While your income will likely go down in retirement, moving to a more tax-friendly state could increase the cash value of your annuity.

  • Full retirement age: What’s it mean for you?

    One longtime reader says feds should be aware of their full retirement age (FRA) and what it means to them.

  • The lure of the G fund: Solid investment or fatal attraction?

    To protect their annuities from the ups and downs of the stock market, many active and most retired federal-postal workers have a major chunk of their Thrift Savings Plan account in the Treasury securities G fund.

  • Finding your retirement date

    Timing federal retirement right allows you to carry over the maximum amount of annual leave, and in 2020 be paid for most if not all of it at the new higher 3.1% pay raise.

  • G fund: How much is too much?

    Most experts would say it depends on your age, when you plan to retire, and, very important, your risk tolerance.

  • TSP: Is everybody (anybody) happy?

    Last month the Thrift Savings Plan implemented a series of changes in withdrawal rules it hopes/expects will lead to more people leaving their investments in the TSP when they leave government.

  • Where are you on the TSP totem pole?

    While people are fascinated by the TSP Millionaires Club, the real question is where does your account rank in value?

  • CSRS or FERS: Are you in the smart plan for you?

    When the Federal Employees Retirement System was being developed in Congress, most people didn’t switch even though they probably should have.