• G fund: How much is too much?

    Most experts would say it depends on your age, when you plan to retire, and, very important, your risk tolerance.

  • TSP: Is everybody (anybody) happy?

    Last month the Thrift Savings Plan implemented a series of changes in withdrawal rules it hopes/expects will lead to more people leaving their investments in the TSP when they leave government.

  • Where are you on the TSP totem pole?

    While people are fascinated by the TSP Millionaires Club, the real question is where does your account rank in value?

  • CSRS or FERS: Are you in the smart plan for you?

    When the Federal Employees Retirement System was being developed in Congress, most people didn’t switch even though they probably should have.

  • CSRS vs FERS: The uncivil war

    Since the 1980s some federal offices and postal stations have been divided by a form of pension envy between CSRS and FERS.

  • Will retirement mean lifetime diet?

    Most current federal retirees, and a small percentage of folks still on the payroll, are under the old Civil Service Retirement System. It offers a generous lifetime annuity that is based on salary and length…

  • Social Security’s windfall: Curse or cure?

    The windfall elimination provision reduces the Social Security benefit for someone with less than 30 years of covered service if they qualify for an SSA benefit after as little as five years of covered service.

  • Summer special: Perform your own (financial) autopsy

    Have you had your professional mid-life crisis yet? If not, this might be a good time to get it over with.

  • Retirement prep tips: Boost your Social Security benefit 76%

    Benefits expert Tammy Flanagan joins Your Turn today to answer questions about Social Security and retirement applicable to both federal and private sector workers.

  • Are you worth more dead or alive?

    Many long-time government workers and retirees are worth more dead than alive due to the variety of wealth they accumulate over a lifetime.