back pay

  • Shutdown dings TSP contributions

    Of the eligible Federal Employees Retirement System participants who have Thrift Savings Plan accounts, January participation rates rose by less than 1 percent because of missed contributions due to the partial government shutdown.

  • Next shutdown, no problem: Get a pay day loan

    Many current government officials were baffled by the strange, sometimes rowdy and downright undignified behavior of testy civil servants during the recent government shutdown.

  • Senators hope to secure back pay for contractors affected by government shutdown

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a group of nearly 40 senators are urging the appropriations committee to include back pay for federal contractors impacted by the last government shutdown, in an upcoming disaster relief package.

  • Shutdown touches pay and taxes

    The timing of the third shutdown of 2018 and the implementation of 2017 tax reform created major paycheck and cash flow problems for tens of thousands around the nation.

  • Are you having fun yet?

    Is life as a civil servant, a steady rewarding job with the opportunity to help others, what you had hoped an expected? If you could, would you do it again or would you choose another, less stressful career?

  • House Democrats to investigate back pay issues after government shutdown

    House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, along with Reps. Gerry Connolly and Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.), want to know why there have been so many challenges in issuing full and correct back pay to federal employees after the recent government shutdown.

  • Fed up feds may have good news on shutdown

    Guest commentator Jeff Neal explains why his long-time optimism about working for the federal government may be fading if another shutdown happens this month or in October.

  • How to (not) welcome employees back to work

    The most important thing is usable information that’s easy to find. Some agencies fall short.

  • Agencies, AFGE begin preparations for another government shutdown

    As agencies plan for the possibility of another government shutdown at the end of this week, the American Federation of Government Employees is telling its members to prepare as well.

  • As federal employees await back pay fixes, another government shutdown looms

    The Office of Personnel Management has also answered additional questions about the status of federal employee probationary periods, career ladder promotions and other human resources questions after the government shutdown.