• Some young veterans need more from government

    If the administration took time to think about veteran hiring in a more holistic way, it could offer some veterans who have traditionally struggled to find good jobs an opportunity to build a career in a stable job with good pay and benefits.

  • Adm. Zukunft: Coast Guard finally where it needs to be budget-wise

    In today’s Federal Newscast, after spending 2017 with low budgets, the head of the Coast Guard says his service is now punching at the middleweight class.

  • Congress to feds: Do union work on your own time

    Two Georgia lawmakers have both introduced bills that would bar federal employees from conducting union work while on the clock. OPM data shows official time has been on the rise since fiscal 2008.

  • OPM pushes agencies to hire long-term unemployed

    Following an executive order signed by President Barack Obama in January, OPM releases a memo giving agencies a new outline on hiring in an effort to reduce the number of long-term unemployed workers

  • Amid widespread decline, fed membership in unions down slightly

    Of the more than 3.5 million workers employed by the federal government in 2012, about 956,000 – or 26.9 percent – were members of unions, according to the BLS data. That’s a slight decline from 2011, when 28.1 percent of federal workers were union members.

  • Which agency has the most read-able website?

    Fergal McGovern, Visible Thread’s CEO, talks about which government agency websites do a good job of relating complex information in a clear way.

  • Public-private pay gap increases to 26 percent

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the pay gap is 26.3 percent, up from 24 percent last year.

  • Federal/Social Security COLA Stalling?

    Federal, military and Social Security retirees were delighted last month when it appeared they were on track for a January cost of living adjustment of around 3.3 percent, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says living costs are down, believe it or not, and the COLA may be in danger of stalling.

  • Agencies employ 2.9 percent of people with disabilities

    A new Bureau of Labor Statistics report provides the latest information on how the federal government compares with other industry in hiring persons with disabilities. The report comes as the White House and the Labor Department are pressing agencies and contractors to hire more persons with disabilities. New recruitment and hiring strategies are due in September.

  • OPM Director John Berry wants end to Federal pay debate

    His goal: to settle once and for all the question of whether federal employees are overpaid compared to the private sector.