• Rep. Hurd answers OMB’s IT challenge, proposes alternative strategy

    Lawmakers are offering the Modernizing Obsolete and Vulnerable Enterprise IT (MOVE-IT) Act as an alternative to the White House’s $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund proposal to help agencies update technology networks and applications.

  • DoD plans to bring CAC cards to an end

    DoD Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen said he plans to phase out the secure identity card over the next two years and replace it with better multi-factor authentication.

  • A 360-Degree View of Federal Network Security

    Protecting data on government networks is a critical component of our national cyber security strategy. Indeed, the Administration’s drive to strengthen federal cybersecurity calls for a re-examination of government’s legacy approach that requires every agency to build and defend its own networks. Agencies’ concerns range from the use of encryption to the data explosion from the internet of things.

  • If 26% of agencies feel their data on the network is fully secure…. How good do you feel about the security of your data?

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  • Security in Network Modernization

    The internet is getting more complex as more devices come on board, so to speak. The threats to agency and organization’s networks, applications and data also are evolving–the latest example is ransomware.

    All of this is leading uncertainty from users and executives about how best to secure the network and data.

  • OPM data breach starkly reminds CIOs to tighten up cyber

    The Office of Management and Budget wants to create a cyber playbook, and a digital services teams focused on IT security. Tony Scott, the federal CIO, said industry also must play a bigger role by automatically enabling two-factor authentication and using more secure chips.

  • Anthony Robbins, Vice President of Federal, Brocade

    Ready or not, here it comes. The Internet of Things, that is. The idea is simple: when all sorts of objects have IP addresses and access to wireless networks, you can measure almost anything. As a practical matter, the Internet of Things creates very big data sets that are hard to handle from a network, management and analytics perspective. Anthony Robbins, vice president of federal for Brocade, joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive with advice.

  • Industry Chatter: Anthony Robbins

    Anthony Robbins, vice president of Federal at Brocade, is Francis Rose’s guest on Industry Chatter.

  • CIO Council reorganizes, seeks more active role

    The council is restructuring to match the Obama administration’s technology priorities for innovation, governance and cybersecurity. It will now operate with three main committees instead of five.

  • How to optimize the use of data centers

    Tony Celeste, director of Federal Sales at Brocade, will discuss best practices for designing a data center, and making it flexible enough to meet your agency’s needs. July 23, 2013