How to optimize the use of data centers

Tony Celeste, director of Federal Sales at Brocade, will discuss best practices for designing a data center, and making it flexible enough to meet your agency's...

July 23, 2013 — This week on “Federal Tech Talk”, host John Gilroy interviews Tony Celeste, director of Federal Sales at Brocade.

Brocade has made a mark in several aspects of the federal IT landscape, most notably the area called “Software Defined Networks,” or SDN.

Today’s move to the cloud by federal organizations means newer ways to think of infrastructure.

Traditionally, one would define a data center in terms of hardware devices, like switches and routers.

The cloud environment that is found today finds hardware-based technology to be too limiting.

Many applications today demand dynamic response to conditions.

If one designs a federal, or commercial, data center with the limits of hardware based technology, the advantages of a cloud environment are not exploited.

During the interview, Celeste talks about a study that Brocade commissioned that asked opinions from federal IT professionals about data center design.

The general conclusion is that a multi-vendor environment is a tremendous help in designing and maintaining a data center.

One statement that was brought up in the interview is the shocking fact that 61% of data center personnel say corporate networks are not fit for their intended purpose.

Celeste describes how elasticity is best obtained with using flexible systems that are defined by open standards, not proprietary methods.

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