CAC Card

  • A look into biometrics past and future

    Technology executive Jeremy Grant gives his thoughts on the current state of biometrics and facial recognition technology.

  • DoD works to break biometrics paradigm

    The Defense Department is experimenting with biometrics to control physical access, while improving the technology’s accuracy and increasing mobility.

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    Lindy Kyzer, senior editor for, helps you get to the bottom of challenges you and others may have with regards to security clearances.

  • NIST publishes major revisions to digital authentication guidance

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology unveiled the third draft of its digital authentication standards. Among the many changes to the guidance is a new name, and the division of the original document from one to four sections.

  • DoD plans to bring CAC cards to an end

    DoD Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen said he plans to phase out the secure identity card over the next two years and replace it with better multi-factor authentication.