Center for Strategic and International Studies

  • General Alexander, Raduege agree on cybersecurity rampup

    Two cyber leaders concur on importance of moving past forensics to risk mitigation.

  • Mexican border gets extra reinforcement

    The House approved a measure to increase security and surveillance along the Mexican border

  • Broadband congested, contested, and desirable

    From remotely opening garage doors to controlling appliances, to gaming, banking, shopping, to enabling the use of infrared and radar sensors, GPS, and satellite communications by fisherman, firemen and fighter aircraft the Electromagnetic Spectrum touches lives. We learn more from Blair Levin, co-author of the FCC’s national broadband plan.

  • Deep-dive look at DoD contract spending 1999-2009

    From “U.S. Department of Defense Contract Spending and the Industrial Base” hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies: The Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group hosted a presentation of its annotated brief on Department of Defense…

  • Slow cyber progress puts critical infrastructure at risk

    Even in a year in which the Stuxnet attack targeted critical infrastructure systems and attacks on grid operators rose dramatically, operators of critical infrastructure around the world took few steps to increase their cyber defenses, a new report found.

  • Insourcing vs. outsourcing in the defense sector

    Insourcing versus outsourcing – the debate continues. David Berteau is Senior Adviser and Director of the Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group, Center for Strategic and International Studies and he joins Francis Rose in today’s DoD Report.

  • Defense bill nudges toward outsourcing

    Several outsourcing-friendly provisions made their way into the Defense authorization bill approved by the House of Representatives last week. The bill would lift a moratorium on public-private competitions via the A-76 process in DoD, and expresses the sense of Congress that DoD should insource only those jobs which are inherently governmental.

  • House, Senate cyber plans have much in common

    James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies says the strategies of the chambers differ but the policies are actually similar.

  • From left, right and center, analysts beg DoD to tackle overhead costs

    In an open letter to congressional leaders and to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a broad array of military scholars argue the cost of running the Pentagon bureaucracy soon will crowd out the spending necessary to fight and win wars.

  • How will draw down in Middle East affect DoD’s operational energy?

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies examines DoD’s operational energy for the upcoming decade as military branches restructure and draw down in the Middle East.