Checkbook Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees

  • Sleepwalking through open season

    Uncle Sam will spend a small fortune over the next couple of months making it easier for 2.8 million government workers to get the best health plan next year for the fewest amount of premium dollars.

  • Is your glass half full or half empty? Check your health plan

    Nobody likes to pay more for anything. But is it possible that the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program isn’t the ripoff many think it is?

  • How to beat higher 2020 health premiums

    Active and retired federal-postal workers, and their survivors have some of the best health insurance in the nation.

  • Shave — maybe slash — your 2020 health premiums, consider plan B

    Even though Federal Employees Health Benefits Program health premiums are likely to go up next year, Uncle Sam will continue to pay the lion’s share of the total premium.

  • Should you suspend your health premiums in 2020?

    NOTE: Mike Causey is on vacation. The following article was originally published on May 21 of this year. When budgeting, income and outgo are at the top of most people’s list. And one of the biggest…

  • The question is: To (Medicare) B or not to B?

    Finding the best deal among 20 to 30 health plan options can be tough for young or healthy federal workers. But it is a real, albeit vital chore for those with less money and more medical problems.

  • Health insurance after you’ve gone

    Ever think what your spouse will do for health insurance after you’ve gone? He or she has been part of your family plan and they can continue coverage for life, provided you elect a survivor annuity for your spouse.

  • When health premiums and your budget collide

    When low premiums are a must it’s hard to beat the federal employee health benefits program. Uncle Sam pays the lion’s share of the premium and there are some bargains in the program, if you know where to look.

  • Got the Blue Cross blues?

    Because various Blue Cross Blue Shield plans have been so good for so long, many feds in them haven’t bothered to shop around for maybe a better deal.

  • Ready to retire? Check back in 5 years

    Each year hundreds, maybe thousands of feds learn the hard way about the five-year rule for keeping coverage under FEHBP in retirement.