Choice Program

  • Roe uses experience, leadership to guide VA evolution

    The Veterans Affairs Choice Program is still working to improve wait times at VA facilities and Congress remains deadlocked over a long-term funding for the program, but Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), head of the House committee that oversees VA, insists things are getting better.

  • As VA privatization debate heats up, federal union, VSOs back agency’s mission

    The Veterans Affairs Department says it’s earning back trust and confidence from the veterans it serves, and employee engagement within the department is also improving. This comes roughly 10 days before the VA Commission on Care is expected to pitch a major overhaul to the department’s health care and personnel systems.

  • Accountability and reform omnibus will create ‘new VA’

    The Veterans First Act is a bipartisan omnibus bill that addresses problems within the Veterans Affairs Department. Everything from accountability to whistleblower protections is included in the package, along with major changes to the health care program for veterans, educational benefits and help for survivors.