Chris Edwards

  • Postal Service will run out of cash by 2024 without congressional reform

    The House Oversight and Reform Committee will try yet again to advance bipartisan postal reform through Congress this year, as the U.S. Postal Service continues to careen toward financial disaster.

  • Latest study on federal compensation puts public, private pay gap at widest margin yet

    In yet another study on federal employee compensation finds public sector workers, on average, earn 80 percent more than private sector workers.

  • Coburn to Congress: Look in the mirror for the cause of waste

    Sen. Tom Coburn told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Thursday that Congress isn’t doing its job and that’s the root cause of much of the waste in government. Rep. Darrell Issa promised to work with Coburn and Sen. Tom Carper on legislation to reduce overlapping programs.

  • Cato on the Budget

    The federal government continues to go through the White House budget proposal with a fine tooth comb. The Libertarian think tank The Cato Institute believes this budget gives “big government” a whole new meaning. Chris…