Christine Fox

  • Key to a successful career: Showing up

    Christine Fox, former acting deputy administrator of defense, tells Gigi Schumm to remind women that a successful career often comes from just showing up at the right time.

  • Thornberry says ‘message received’ on high sustainment costs

    Defense experts warned Congress about creeping operating and support costs and suggested ways to rectify them.

  • After decades of DoD acquisition reform, Congress has yet to tackle cultural issues

    Big programs at DoD continue to overspend their budgets and blow past their schedules because of unrealistic requirements and rosy cost projections. As part of our special report, The Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform, several acquisition experts pointed out that DoD acquisition is one of the most studied problems in the history of government.

  • In Depth Show Blog – Feb. 26, 2014

    On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to our interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day, as well as links to other stories and resources we discuss.

  • DoD ties another round of BRAC to sizable civilian personnel cuts

    Defense Department officials said reducing and realigning bases and depots will help them achieve more savings that can be put toward readiness. Acting Defense Deputy Secretary Christine Fox said this round of BRAC would be different than in 2005.

  • Obama nominates Bob Work to be No. 2 at DoD

    Robert Work will return to the Defense Department for a third tour of duty. He was in the Marines for 27 years and served almost four years as undersecretary of the Navy.

  • Senators urge about-face on new military retirement cuts

    Pentagon leaders expressed disappointment on Tuesday at the retiree cost of living cuts under the Ryan-Murray budget deal and urged Congress to repeal them. But officials also pressed lawmakers to wait for an independent study group’s conclusions before making more piecemeal changes to the military compensation system.

  • Carter steps down, Fox appointed new acting deputy DoD secretary

    As Ashton Carter leaves the Pentagon as its deputy defense secretary, the long-time public servant criticizes the political divisiveness in Washington as being detrimental to the readiness of U.S. forces.