Christmas Eve closure

  • Bonus holiday: Not what you had in mind, right?

    For the past few months many federal workers hoped against hope that they would get a bonus holiday today from the White House. And they got it, sort of.

  • From shutdown blues to holiday joy, what happened?

    This time last week many long-suffering civil servants were searching for their starving-college-days ramen noodle cookbooks to survive paydays delayed.

  • How do you take a day off during a lockout?

    Be honest, how many of you bet a colleague, or yourself, that the president wasn’t going to give feds a bonus holiday Christmas Eve?

  • Postal Service could stand to lose a few square feet

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Postal Service’s inspector general said USPS has more than a million square feet in excess real estate.

  • New hats, or off with their heads?

    Congress is considering whether to give feds a 1.9 percent pay raise in January. And the president has yet to decide or at least announce his decision whether to give nonemergency federal workers a bonus holiday on Christmas Eve.