• A Christmas surprise

    After decades covering the federal beat some patterns become evident, like the question of a Christmas Eve day off.

  • Is there a shutdown in your future?

    Government shutdowns accomplish little, lose a lot and can have a political backlash.

  • Moving from private sector to charity work

    Bradley Freedman, management services director for the Salvation Army, discusses the skills that carry over from working in a business to working in a nonprofit, and the striking differences between the two.

  • When in doubt drink coffee

    Today’s holiday guest column is from a long-time fed who takes Christmas very seriously. She’s had a year of ups and downs, and shared her thoughts on life as a fed.

  • Holiday survival guide

    The day after Christmas, guest columnist Nancy Crosby takes a proactive approach to surviving the post-holiday winter blues. Be happy, exercise and when it all becomes too much, take a nap.

  • Bonus holiday: Not what you had in mind, right?

    For the past few months many federal workers hoped against hope that they would get a bonus holiday today from the White House. And they got it, sort of.

  • Shutdown shock waves beyond the Beltway

    Telling people they can’t work but will eventually get paid during the biggest shopping season of the year doesn’t make sense to a lot of folks. Except in Washington, where the people who make government shutdown decisions are exempt from shutdown rules.

  • Step into memory lane with top federal photos of 2017

    Federal News Radio shares federal photos daily highlighting the work of government agencies and federal workers. From one administration to another, here are twelve photos shared in the 2017 gallery that represent celebrations of people and progress through times of trial and triumph.

  • This one is not going quietly into the night …

    When looking for a few Christmas season columns, we turned to one old, as in long-time reader because she’s funny, candid and not the least bit orthodox.

  • Are you a holiday fed?

    Christmas is one of those holidays when the maximum number of people get the day off. But since the 9-11 attacks and subsequent terrorist attacks, more federal and military personnel are on duty than ever before.