Circular A-76

  • DoD pushing to resurrect contractor-vs-civilian competitions

    As part of a revived effort to manage contractors, civilians and military personnel as a “total force,” DoD intends to propose a new way to conduct public-private competitions.

  • 3 phases of the presidential transition the federal IT community is watching

    Federal IT experts say it’s unclear what a Trump administration will focus on when it comes to technology policies and programs.

  • What’s old is new again as groups try to influence new president’s agenda

    NAPA and Heritage release papers promoting evidence-based policymaking while the Reason Foundation highlights the lack of public-private competition under Circular A-76.

  • Nobel economics prize looks at … federal contracts!

    Hart’s and Holmstrom’s work studied tensions between parties and conflicts of interest in contracts, something federal contracting officers deal with every day.

  • Business group names 10 gov’t activities that should be outsourced

    John Palatiello of the Business Coalition for Fair Competition told Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp the government is blurring the definition of what is “inherently governmental.”

  • Inherently governmental guidance never made it off launchpad

    Many believed the Obama administration would turn the government 180-degrees from the Bush administration’s push for competitive sourcing under Circular A-76, with speculation of a major effort to bring jobs back into government through insourcing. But after an initial thrust, little has come of it. Federal News Radio speaks with Jacob Pankowski, chair of the government contracts practice, at GreenbergTraurig, and Dave Childs, program manager at Management Analysis Incorporated, as part of the special report, The Obama Impact: Evaluating the Last Four Years.