civil service retirement system

Retirement life: Dining out or Meals on Wheels?

Time, especially for federal workers under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), can be on your side. If you plan wisely and begin early.

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Pay, pension, politics: For whom the bell tolls

Uncertainty over the size of the pay raise vs. the COLA is causing many feds to rethink their proposed retirement date.

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Look forward retirement payday - retirement written in calendar and highlighter

Are you a lifer with Uncle Sam? Maybe not!

It is possible to work for Uncle Sam long enough to get and qualify for benefits and an annuity, but still leave government earlier.

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TSP millionaires club: Up, up and away!

Despite a deadly worldwide pandemic, the number of active and retired feds with million-dollar-plus Thrift Savings Plan accounts more than doubled in the last year.

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