• Questions for lords of the MGT Funds

    At last Congress goes along with an IT modernizing revolving fund … but the horses mostly stay away from the trough.

  • What the heck is IT modernization anyhow?

    The Technology Modernization Fund doesn’t appear aimed at helping agencies replace legacy systems, as the name implies.

  • SSA on track to modernize IT systems over next 5 years

    Sean Brune, chief program officer for IT modernization, said the Social Security Administration’s modernization efforts aim to update software’s programming language and improve systems already used by the public.

  • Grandpa COBOL ain’t goin’ away any time soon

    Modernization can mean a lot of things, even if you keep your COBOL systems.

  • COBOL and Donald Trump

    COBOL itself, while expensive and increasingly difficult to maintain, stands as the proxy for the actual modernization difficulties.

  • How to get (and keep) good people for good government

    Applicants, especially students, want jobs they’re excited about and will enjoy doing, and they want to be nicely compensated for it. Well, duh.

  • I can’t find the obituary for COBOL

    Vendors chide the government for keeping programs running that were coded in COBOL. But there’s still life in the market of this much maligned language.

  • SSA nominee seeks to mend labor-management fences

    Carolyn Watts Colvin, the nominee to be Social Security Administration commissioner, vowed to Senate lawmakers to soothe turbulent relations between the agency and its labor unions. Colvin also said she plans to tackle troubled IT systems that still run COBOL.

  • SSA not ready to meet future challenges

    The National Academy of Public Administration says the Social Security Administration is not ready for the challenges of the future. NAPA says shrinking budgets, retiring workers and rapidly changing technology are all issues that need to be addressed in the next 15 years.

  • Railroad Retirement Board sets strategy to move off COBOL

    Ram Murthy, the RRB chief information officer, is following a four-year IT enterprise roadmap to modernize his agency’s back-office systems. January 30, 2014