cross-agency goals

  • OMB to soon give agencies initial guidance on cutting burdensome activities

    The Office of Management and Budget is expected to release a new memo later this week, which will describe an initial review of existing requirements and reporting burdens that the administration believes agencies can scale back.

  • Are agency insider threat programs getting off the ground?

    It’s hard to tell how many agencies are actually checking all the boxes on the Obama administration’s plan for detecting disgruntled or rogue employees. Agencies were supposed to have taken initial steps to set up insider threat programs by June 30, according to an update posted on But it’s impossible to know the number of agencies who met the initial criteria so far. The progress update says that information is classified.

  • New ‘hallways’ lead to strategic sourcing expansion

    Under the Obama administration’s strategic sourcing cross-agency priority goal, new commodity managers will oversee “hallways” for information technology, administration and human resources across government. The hope is that the managers and their teams of experts will be able to offer guidance and best practices to agencies when it comes to strategic sourcing.

  • OMB, OSTP to release new tools to reach big open data goals

    The Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Science and Technology Policy are on track to launch a new metadata validator tool this month. They are also developing an integrated dashboard that will track agency progress on the administration’s open data goals.

  • Shared service providers preparing for more, bigger agencies

    The Obama administration looks to expand shared service usage even more by improving existing financial shared service providers and laying the groundwork for shared service governance.

  • OMB to reward employees who receive positive customer service reviews

    The Office of Management and Budget revealed its plans to speed up transactions and services.

  • Are agencies meeting cross-agency goals? OMB reviews make it hard to tell

    The Office of Management and Budget’s assessment of cross-agency priority (CAP) goals could use improvement, according to a Government Accountability Office report published Tuesday. GAO found many of the reviews lacked relevant information, such as time frames for particular goals and the status of ongoing efforts.

  • Beth Cobert, deputy director for management, OMB

    What’s the secret to meeting 100 agency performance goals in the next two years?

  • Agencies improving security of IT networks slowly, but surely

    The White House released updated progress report on the cross-agency cybersecurity goals and found most agencies improved. The administration said more agencies are using smart cards to log onto their networks and more are implementing continuous monitoring.

  • Government needs senior execs willing to break agency mold, report says

    The Obama administration has set its sights on more than a dozen national priorities, such as cybersecurity and energy efficiency, that cut across federal agency missions. But the government lacks a dedicated team of senior executives willing to break out of the agency mold to implement those goals, according to a new report from the IBM Center for the Business of Government. The author of the report, Bruce Barkley, told Federal News Radio his proposals for redesigning the Senior Executive Service.