customer satisfaction

  • No single reason customer satisfaction with federal services keeps slipping

    Citizen satisfaction with the federal government has long been middling, especially compared to the best of industry.

  • Sheri Petras: People are more satisfied with federal websites

    Americans say they’re more satisfied with at least one type of interaction they have with their government. Sheri Petras, CFI Group’s chief executive officer, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin that people are more satisfied with federal websites.

  • State, Interior lead customer satisfaction survey while HHS surges thanks to

    Citizen satisfaction with government services rebounded to a four-year high in 2016, driven largely by improved performances on the part of government websites.

  • OFPP initiates 360-degree reviews of the acquisition process

    New guidance from Anne Rung, the administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, implements a way for vendors and program owners to rate the acquisition process in each agency. The goal of Acquisition 360 is to identify potential procurement process improvements.

  • Phased retirement: Is it coming to your agency?

    Julie Perkins, partner at Shaw Bransford and Roth will answer your questions about phased retirement, and Federal Times Senior Writer Andy Medici will give us an update on a new round of legislation that affects federal workers. January 28, 2015

  • Public satisfaction with government services lowest in 16 years

    A new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index says that Americans’ satisfaction with the services they receive from the federal government continue to decline. In addition, the public, by and large, is more satisfied with the services it receives in the private sector.

  • Customer satisfaction with e-government down slightly but near record highs

    Satisfaction with federal e-government sites remained high throughout most of 2012, according to a quarterly report from ForeSee and the American Customer Satisfaction Index. On a 100-point scale, customer satisfaction with federal websites now sits at 75.3. That’s actually down slightly from last quarter, which had set an all-time high, according to the latest report.

  • Survey: citizen satisfaction plunges

    The federal government will face the challenge of halting and reversing declining citizen satisfaction under particularly difficult circumstances, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Details from ACSI’s Forrest Morgeson.

  • Civil service jumps while economy slumps

    The study found that two areas of the call center experience that improved the most were the same areas that historically prove to be the most frustrating for callers. We get details from CFI’s David Ham

  • NIH providing satisfaction on the web

    Four federal websites meet or exceed the private sector’s highest score. How? Why? We ask Joyce Backus at NIH.