denver international airport, united airlines

Government’s drive for continued air travel safety improvement enters a new phase

Airline safety has increased nearly 100% in the last couple of decades. But the challenge is not over. There’s still a big gap in average safety among…

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SolarWinds fallout sparks calls for mandatory incident reporting, repercussions after cyber attacks

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Army Corps, CISA take distinct approaches to cyber priorities amid remote workforces

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FBIAmy Hess, FBI

FBI building relationships with private sector to improve cybersecurity responses

Federal cybersecurity efforts can often seem like one long campaign to prevent another Office of Personnel Management cyber breach, or Edward Snowden leak….

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LinkedinEric Stuhl

Federal agencies with legacy systems should still secure them from attacks

The technology modernization drive has been operating in the federal government for years. Yet agencies continue to relay on so-called legacy systems.

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CrowdstrikeDmitri Alperovitch, Crowdstrike

Cybersecurity consultant’s report lays out areas of US vulnerability

An important term ought to be in every cybersecurity practitioner’s lexicon: Adversary tradecraft. Dmitri Alperovitch at Crowdstrike joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin in studio for more details.

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