Dan Blair

  • Could it be time to rethink how federal agencies conduct oversight functions?

    When most people think about agency oversight, what springs to mind are Congressional hearings. But a huge proportion of the government’s oversight functions happen out of public view.

  • Former OPM director leads task force looking into agency performance

    The Bipartisan Policy Center is taking a look at executive branch oversight, reviewing how well agencies like OPM, OMB and GSA are functioning.

  • Does the administration have what it takes to reinvigorate an outdated civil service system?

    In part three of its special report, “Civil Service Reimagined: 40 Years Later,” Federal News Network looks at the Office of Personnel Management, and how it, past administrations and members of Congress have hindered the agency’s ability to lead and create change in the federal workforce.

  • Federal leaders say civil service merit principles are timeless. But is OPM?

    The Trump administration’s proposal to shift all personnel policy offices currently housed within the Office of Personnel Management to a new entity within the White House is earning some praise, but a lot of skepticism.

  • OPM details strategy for workforce reshaping, basic tenets of Trump’s management agenda

    The first Quadrennial Federal Workforce Priorities Report, which the Office of Personnel Management released earlier this week, describes its future vision and human capital management strategy.

  • Time is now to reimagine the civil service, federal experts say

    In a new white paper from the National Academy of Public Administration, federal experts say a breakdown of the federal human capital system ultimately led to some of agencies’ biggest challenges in recent years, from the cyber breaches at the Office of Personnel Management to the 49,000 vacancies at the Veterans Affairs Department.

  • Trump nominates 30-year government veteran to be new OPM director

    President Donald Trump announced his intention to nominate George Nesterczuk, a former senior adviser with broad government experience, to lead the Office of Personnel Management.

  • Dan Blair: A look back at NAPA’s last 5 years

    Members of the National Academy of Public Administration share an important characteristic. Even if you retire from your job, you never really give up public service. That’s one reason NAPA fellows are always eager to help out agencies in trouble, or offer help during presidential transitions. For more than five years, CEO Dan G. Blair has guided NAPA’s affairs. He’ll be stepping down this month and joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin for a retrospective.

  • How Trump’s business acumen could influence the federal workforce

    Experts in the federal community say President-elect Donald Trump’s business acumen will likely factor into the future of the federal workforce during the next administration. Trump will likely play closer attention to measures that would hold poor-performers accountable. Though they may not agree on all the issues, some federal unions say they hope they can find common ground on proposals that would advance federal hiring reforms.

  • NAPA’s Blair stepping down following five-year tenure

    After more than five years of leadership, Dan Blair, president and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration, has announced he will be stepping down.