Data Book

  • IRS performance data shows audit rate cut in half since 2010

    The IRS reported auditing nearly 1 million tax returns in FY 2018, about 0.5% of 196 million tax returns filed during that year’s filing season.

  • Fiscal 2016 a ‘turnaround’ year for IRS

    Last year the Internal Revenue Service showed improved telephone customer service, and close to 300 million visits to the Where’s My Refund? site. Agency leadership and advocates say those are just two examples of why the tax agency needs full funding in FY2018.

  • Fiscal 2015 a record-setting year for IRS online apps

    Fiscal 2015 was a record-breaking year for the Internal Revenue Service, according to the tax agency’s Data Book. But it was also a year that marked a continued decline in funding for the agency, leading to shrinking numbers in its workforce and in the agency’s enforcement branch.