David Vargas

  • GSA adds an OPM veteran to help with the merger

    GSA promoted Beth Angerman and Dan Pomeroy to new positions in the Office of Governmentwide Policy.

  • OPM takes first step toward employee digital records with blockchain

    The Office of Personnel Management already has its first blockchain prototype for part of its new Employee Digital Record system, and it’s performing better than expected.

  • OPM wants to kill off the HR IT Frankenstein monster

    A new effort under the Unified Shared Services Office and led by the Office of Personnel Management seeks to simplify how agencies and vendors alike view HR functions.

  • A possible solution to the shared services funding problem emerges

    The Unified Shared Services Management Office at GSA released a new 10-year vision for federal back-office shared services that relies on a subscription or as-a-service model to deal with the needs for upfront spending.

  • OMB priming HR shared services for a big year

    New data from the administration shows 13 milestones for administrative shared services, including seven for human resources, in 2016.

  • GSA plans to stop providing HR shared services

    The General Services Administration will focus on its core mission and let others provide payroll and human resources services. The decision comes as shared services is gaining momentum as OPM is pumping some energy back into the HR line of business, and the Interior will release a new geospatial platform to host data and applications.