Doug Criscitello

  • Should you be concerned over OMB’s decision that GAO’s antideficiency determinations are non-binding?

    The Office of Management and Budget’s general counsel reversed long-time policy that required agencies to automatically report Antideficiency Act violations to GAO and Congress. Now agencies must report only if they and OMB decides a violation occurred.

  • Low morale, cut corners just a few of agencies’ contracting woes while Congress debates federal funding

    Congress has been criticized for kicking the can down the road when it comes to federal spending, but as the government shutdown clocks ticks closer to midnight — and agencies dust off their contingency plans — some are wondering if that kicked can might be the best option right now.

  • FY18 budget cuts could slice into civilian agency programs, personnel

    The Trump administration’s plan to reduce non-defense discretionary spending by 10 percent means civilian agencies will need to look at programs and personnel, not just for this year, but for the long-term. Some fiscal observers says it’s time to consider budget process reform.

  • For CFOs, recent laws make their roles more complicated

    Chief financial officers often see some of the same challenges in hiring and recruiting financial managers, producing cost information and performance and risk management that they encountered 25 years ago.

  • Paying for the next generation of federal managers

    Following President Obama’s announced reforms to the Senior Executive Service, Doug Criscitello, managing director at Grant Thornton, says SES pay limits have made it difficult to attract top-quality managers across government.

  • Doug Criscitello, Managing Director, Global Public Sector, Grant Thornton LLP

    The ups and downs of federal budgeting require managers to be nimble and creative. Doug Criscitello has learned a few lessons from decades of work in federal finance. He was Chief Financial Officer of the Housing and Urban Development Department, and also held posts at the Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Management and Budget. He is now the managing director for the global public sector practice at Grant Thornton. He has also recently been inducted into the National Academy of Public Administration. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss what he hopes to do at NAPA.

  • Data analytics improving CFOs’ lines of sight for program execution

    Federal chief financial officers have more foresight, insight and hindsight than ever before to make better decisions. But just as important as having these wide-ranging sight lines is how they are being translated down to the program level. Experts say agencies are slowly heading down the path of using data to make better decisions.

  • Tough budget times lead to Golden Age for the CFO

    Federal finance may conjure up images of dull reports and boring people toiling away on spreadsheets. If that’s what comes to mind, it may be time to revise your thinking. Doug Criscitello and Jeff Steinhoff, two former federal financial executives, spoke with Federal News Radio about the evolving workforce as part of our special report, Rise of the Money People.

  • Federal Drive Interviews — April 8, 2013

    We kick off our weeklong series, Rise of the Money People, by interviewing former HUD CFO Doug Criscitello. Economist and financial planner Arthur Stein talks about the “chained CPI.” John Johnson of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command shares resources for military families about to move to a new assignment. Catherine Woteki, USDA’s chief scientist, discusses an upcoming summit with the goal of increasing food security.

  • In Depth interviews – Jan. 23

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