enterprise software licenses

  • Collaboration, cloud leading to consolidation of 17 USDA networks

    Jonathan Alboum, USDA’s chief information officer, said he is working through the agency’s CIO Council to develop a concept of operations to modernize the agency’s networks and move to the cloud.

  • OMB to agencies: Justify new software contracts

    OFPP Administrator Anne Rung and Federal CIO Tony Scott finalized a draft policy from December with few changes that requires agencies to manage and oversee software licenses in a new way.

  • Don’t jeopardize cost savings by poor vendor management

    Kareem El-Alaily, managing director of Censeo Consulting Group, highlights the importance of strategic vendor oversight processes for ELA success.

  • $4B waste is what the MEGABYTE Act is going after

    Two senators are pushing OMB and agencies to rein in spending on software licenses.

  • Navy reducing IT spending ahead of schedule

    The Department of the Navy is finding real dollar savings by moving to enterprise software licenses, managing mobile devices and services better and reducing the number of printers and the amount printed. Terry Halvorsen, the DoN CIO, said they are on track to meet the goal of cutting 25 percent of their IT budget in five years. January 17, 2013

  • Locke infuses new performance culture at Commerce

    The outgoing secretary said he has focused on achieving stretch goals and impressing upon employees to look at their jobs differently. Gary Locke initiated changes to how Commerce does budget planning, buys goods and services and serve their customers.