• Commerce’s Locke promises changes

    A new advisory council will provide Commerce and other agencies with ideas for how the government can help push federally-funded technologies into the commercial marketplace. Locke said his agency will do its part by speeding up the patent process to one year and get certain grant funding out in 30 days. Commerce also is working with NIH and NSF on the i6 Challenge where $12 million is available for companies to commercialize technologies.

  • Work and entrepreneurship in retirement

    Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan welcome Michael Creedon, DSW, into the studio. Michael is a gerontologist with over 30 years of experience in improving programs and services for the elderly.

  • Establishing Washington as an entrepreneurship capital

    Zvi Band, CEO and co-founder of Contactually, is on of the leaders of the movement in D.C. as he is one of the success stories for the region.

  • Social Tables CEO addresses employees’ social needs

    DC entrepreneur Dan Berger describes how building a rapidly-growing startup is strengthened by making sure employees know how to be socially engaged.

  • Project 500 helps disadvantaged pursue entrepreneurship

    One of the people ensuring that the community keeps and expands diversity in the DC region is Melissa Bradley, director of Project 500, whose mission is to fund disadvantaged businesses.

  • DC-area immigrants pushing through barriers to entrepreneurship

    Daniel Parra, director of small and minority business at the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation, discusses the main barriers that immigrant and minority business owners face in the D.C. area, and how many of them push through setbacks to become successful.

  • How Lyft is growing in the DC region

    Mid-Atlantic general manager for Lyft, Stephen Taylor, discusses how his experience as a pilot for the Navy, and as an angel investor, prepared him for entrepreneurship. Taylor explains that sometimes, being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean starting from scratch.

  • Secret strengths of product and service businesses

    John Funge, chief product officer at startup incubator and venture capital firm DataTribe, discusses the main, inherent differences in product- and service-oriented businesses, and how the D.C. region can be a great opportunity for both to thrive.

  • How a local scientist became an accidental entrepreneur

    David Cetlin, founder and CEO of MockV Solutions, discusses the skills he had to develop when he fell into his entrepreneurship journey. Cetlin explains how biotechnology and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, especially in the D.C. region.

  • Surprising findings from a new cybersecurity entrepreneurship survey

    Professor Erran Carmel, American University’s director of the Center for Business in the Capitol, discusses the results of a wealth of data suggesting the D.C. region is one of the largest in the world for cybersecurity. Other statistics discussed help show that while the region is still struggling on some key issues, it’s holding firm as a great place for entrepreneurship.