Head shot of Amy Millman

StageNext executive has some advice for women entrepreneurs

Amy Millman, managing partner at StageNext  joins Aileen Black on Leaders and Legends to discuss the importance of being a leader and mentor to other…

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Dave Baule

How much are you spending on monthly software?

Dave Baule, CEO of MISO3, discusses his company’s solution to mounting monthly software-as-a-service costs by organizing company software use and notifying…

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Mark Bergel

Helping others through innovation

Mark Bergel, Ph.D., founder and CEO at A Wider Circle, discusses how his non-profit works through an entrepreneurial approach to help over 26,000 people…

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Frances Reimers

Fine-tuning your personal brand

Frances Reimers, personal brand expert and principal at Firestarter Communications, discusses why summer is the perfect time to re-tune your brand to improve perception.

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