• What DC needs to do to bring in workers

    Esther Lee, CEO of innovation hub and nonprofit Refraction, discusses what her organization is doing to draw in more startups and talent to the D.C. region, and what the region as a whole can do to help tip the scales.

  • The boom and bust of tech innovation

    On today’s EXTRA episode, Dr. Brent Goldfarb and David Kirsch, both professors at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and co-authors of Bubbles and Crashes: the boom and bust of technological innovation, discuss the cyclical nature of the tech innovation environment. Other topics on deck include their recent book, what happens when an economy crashes, and how to salvage your business in troubling economic times.

  • The software changing mergers and acquisitions

    Nick Perdikis, CEO and CRO of Devensoft, discusses how his company’s software-as-a-service platform helps companies streamline and simplify the merger and acquisition process, minimizing stress and maximizing integration.

  • How accelerators can help DC catch the blockchain wave

    Brian Park, managing partner at SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain, discusses how his accelerator’s initiatives in new and expanding technologies are pushing innovation while still creating profit.

  • A new facility building tool skills for adults

    Allen Brooks, VP of education and outreach at Building Momentum, discusses The Garden, his company’s newest endeavor for teaching adults across the region about workshop tools and development, creating a co-building space for tinkerers and small businesses alike.

  • Linking government problems with private solutions

    Kristen Hajduk, regional director for the national capital region at MD5, discusses the advantages to building networks of innovators and entrepreneurs to help solve national security and defense problems.

  • Proving nonfiction video isn’t a niche market

    Clint Stinchcomb, president and CEO at on-demand service CuriosityStream, discusses the work behind promoting and producing nonfiction video content, and how the market for it is much larger than one might assume.

  • Why your company needs a chief technology officer

    Mohan Rao, chief product and technology officer at StreetShares, discusses how expert guidance from a CPO or CTO can make or break a company’s bottom line.

  • Why you may not have heard from the region’s best entrepreneurs

    Kevin DeSanto, managing director and co-founder of KippsDeSanto, discusses how the government contracting space, and the D.C. entrepreneurship community at large, is a lot more active and successful than you might think. For the biggest companies in the region, big personalities are a bit rarer than in Silicon Valley.

  • The green ideas our local entrepreneurs are bringing

    Adam Roberts, executive director of Bethesda Green, discusses the ways that companies like his are building environmentally sound and sustainable communities, and the responsibilities businesses have to care for their surroundings.