StageNext executive has some advice for women entrepreneurs

Amy Millman, managing partner at StageNext  joins Aileen Black on Leaders and Legends to discuss the importance of being a leader and mentor to other businessw...

Amy Millman, managing partner at StageNext, joined Aileen Black on Leaders and Legends to discuss the importance of being a leader and mentor to other businesswomen.

Millman is a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs. In 2000, she founded Springboard Enterprises to accelerate the growth of companies led by women. She created a collaborative global network of investors, industry experts, influencers, and innovators all dedicated to creating women-led industries in the fields of enterprise technology and life science.

During her tenure, the portfolio topped 800 companies creating over $35 billion in value for investors, clients, and customers through equity raised, IPOs, and sales to strategic acquirers.

Millman attributed her success, in part,  to building a creative environment for her team that allows its members to work collaboratively to solve problems and carry out the organization’s mission.

She said that throughout her career she has tried to be the kind of leader who helps other women, especially those who want to branch out and start their own businesses.

She encourages those who are weighing the pro’s and con’s of that decision to be bold and take that first step.

“In the results-oriented, who-can-be-first-to-the-finish-line type of world we live in, sometimes we forget to remember how we first got our start,” Millman said. “The truth is none of us would be where we are today if we hadn’t put one brave and bold foot in front of the other.”

Millman said entrepreneurs shouldn’t delay their plans, even in tough economic times.

“It is never NOT a good time to start a company if you are solving a problem that is needed. You can be bullish regardless of what the market looks like if you solve the problem no one is taking on,” she said.

Millman also offered some advice to the next generation future women entrepreneurs.

“Surround yourself with people that you admire. People who are truth tellers. Good news or bad,” she said. “Develop your own advisory board with people that will pose questions that will help you identify your blind spots. Network and build an ecosystem of folks you can work with and count on.”

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