federal buildings

  • MAP: Where in the country are GSA’s greenest buildings?

    This week the U.S. Green Building Council released its 2018 Top 10 States for LEED Green Building. See which of these states are home to the most LEED-certified buildings owned and leased by the General Services Administration.

  • Chris Currie: Earthquake-proofing federal buildings

    Five years have passed since a small earthquake occurred near Washington. It took several years to get the Washington Monument fixed. But hundreds of federally owned or leased office buildings are in areas throughout the country ith a high potential for serious earthquakes.

  • 21st century watchword: Keep out

    Until sometime in the 19th century, people could wander into the White House. An open street ran between it and the Treasury Department into the 20th century.

  • Memo to FBI: Build it right

    FBI Director Jim Comey should drive out to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency campus on the outskirts of Fort Belvoir.

  • David Wise: Finding reliable data on federal real estate

    It’s no secret that property management is no easy task for the government, which has to manage a massive portfolio of thousands of buildings. Part of the problem is that it’s hard to get a clear picture of what the government owns because of agencies’ inconsistent approaches to counting facilities and different definitions for real property. David Wise, director of physical infrastructure issues at GAO, joined In Depth guest host Jared Serbu to discuss data reliability in federal real estate.

  • Some federal employees might feel brutalized by the buildings they work in

    Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro joked that in trying to make HUD a better place to work, he could do little to change the appearance of the headquarters building, reports Federal Drive host Tom Temin.

  • Climate-smart buildings called out in federal budget playbook

    The government’s latest budget playbook, the Circular A-11, for the first time includes a specific mention of climate-smart buildings.

  • IRS, GSA bear brunt of spending cuts in House bill

    The IRS would face even greater financial constraints and federal building construction would grind nearly to a halt under a $20.2 billion FY 2016 spending bill approved by the House Appropriations Committee.

  • OMB targets further federal office space reductions

    David Mader, the controller of the Office of Management and Budget, will issue a memo today requiring agencies to set an annual square foot reduction target and to adopt space design standards for future office space. The Reduce the Footprint memo builds on the 2013 Freeze the Footprint policy that saw a reduction of more than 20 million square feet of office space.

  • FBI land swap concerns dominate GSA budget hearing

    The plan to swap the FBI’s current building in downtown Washington for an as-yet-unnamed site in the metro region is causing consternation on Capitol Hill. Some members used a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing to share their concerns with GSA’s new leader, Denise Turner Roth.