Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Michael Horowitz

Legislators look to make Oversight.gov a permanent fixture

In today’s Federal Newscast, the Oversight.gov Authorization Act would formally require the upkeep of the website where users can access all public reports…

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Bill Branson

FMCS says early investments in virtual mediation paying off during pandemic

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SSA, AFGE reach new collective bargaining agreement after contentious saga

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Brian DomeniciDHS Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke reminds award winners of their roles as career leaders within their agencies. Duke won her own Presidential Meritorious Award as a senior executive before initially retiring from the civil service in 2010.

How small, simple acts lead to big changes on Best Places to Work rankings

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OPM says it will keep a closer eye on agencies’ telework reporting

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J. David Cox/AFGEunion

Federal unions tell agencies, partner with us for a more engaged workforce

When labor-management relationships are strong, employee engagement improves, federal union leaders said during a discussion at the Federal Mediation and…

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