• Retirement tidal wave: Will you be part of it?

    John Grobe, president of Federal Career Experts, specializes in prepping feds for retirement and is Mike Causey’s guest on today’s episode of Your Turn.

  • Let the budget dance begin — again

    The annual winter presentation of the president’s budget is akin to other ancient rituals which have since lost their original purpose.

  • Troops stand to get 3.1 percent increase in Trump budget proposal

    The Trump administration’s 2020 budget proposal for government spending gives a big boost to the Pentagon and other security-related agencies, while calling for a cut of more than $2.7 trillion in federal civilian spending over the next ten years.

  • Retirement tsunami or aging in place?

    Ever since the late 1990s some experts on government matters have been predicting a tidal wave of retirements from key federal agencies. That sparked fears of a brain drain as experienced feds fled their jobs heading for the shuffle-board courts.

  • Familiar cuts to federal pay, retirement, health benefits included in Trump’s proposed 2020 budget

    The Trump administration for the third consecutive year has recommended cuts to federal employee retirement and health benefits as part of its 2020 budget request.

  • 2019 make or break for FERS retirement benefits

    Most of the House Republicans who repeatedly tried to cut costs in the massive FERS program are either gone from Congress or relegated by the 2016 midterm elections to minority status.

  • Pay raises and retiree COLAs: Good news vs. bad news

    For federal workers the good news is that Congress approved a 1.9 percent raise for them despite the fact that the president wanted to freeze pay in 2019.

  • Return of the (not so) Magnificent Six

    But if you don’t appreciate politicians trying to eliminate long-promised features of your Federal Employees Retirement System or Civil Service Retirement System packages fasten your seat belts.

  • Are you on the government’s endangered species list?

    If Uncle Sam kept a list of endangered workers, folks under the old Civil Service Retirement System would be at the top. Less than six of every 100 workers still on the payroll are under the system that was phased out in the mid 1980s.

  • A new Congress doesn’t necessarily equal a new agenda

    At least five bills have been reintroduced in the 116th Congress by incumbent lawmakers. And as the fog of last month’s partial government shutdown clears, it’s possible more bills have or will resurface.