• FOIA Information

    The FBI is using an out-of-date system to avoid fufilling Freedom of Information Act requests. That’s according to the National Security Archives, which has accused the bureau of deliberately limiting its search capabilities to avoid…

  • DHS Evading FOIA Process or not?

    The Associated Press says it’s obtained a thousand emails showing DHS sent FOIA requests to senior political advisers who turned scoured them for information about the requesters and delaying disclosures deemed too politically sensitive. DHS spokesman Sean Smith says, they were just giving senior leadership visibility into FOIA releases to enable the Department to be as responsive as possible. FOIA’s are designed to be insulated from political considerations. AP says DHS stopped the practice after their investigation.

  • New financial law limiting public access?

    Learn more about the potential new restrictions to what can be FOIA-ed

  • Agencies opening up slowly under FOIA mandate

    The Justice Department’s new report finds that the number of partial documents released last year increased by 50,000. Many agencies also reduced their backlog of FOIA requests. Agencies say some of improvements can be attributed to increased attention across the government and better technology.

  • Progress in Federal FOIA requests, but room for improvement

    Agencies are meeting the White House’s mandate to be more open and transparent when it comes to releasing documents and meeting Freedom of Information Act requests.

  • SEC FOIA loophole tightens

    Legislation has been introduced in the Senate that would strike a section of the recently enacted financial regulation law that exempted the Securities and Exchange Commission from the Freedom of Information Act. On the Money blogger Silla Brush explains.

  • NARA makes headway in solving FOIA disputes

    The Office of Government Information Services has impacted how agencies and citizens interact over Freedom of Information Act requests in its first year. Among the agency’s first-year goals was to make people aware of its mission to act as an arbiter and help agencies implement best practices.

  • How agencies can meet transparency, FOIA goals

    Not every agency is responding the President’s call for transparency – a call that was highlighted in a memorandum signed on President Obama’s first day in office.

  • incentivizes agency disclosure

    The Justice Department has launched a new website that shines light on your agency’s performance under the Freedom of Information Act.

  • AFGE sues over shutdown plans

    The largest federal employees’ union has filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration for failing to provide details of agencies’ shutdown plans. Attorney Bill Bransford breaks it down for us.