Frank Kendall

  • New DoD research policy gets glowers from industry

    DoD is tightening the reins on the research money it gives out to companies. The Pentagon is receiving some backlash for it.

  • Carter creates new DoD post: Chief Innovation Officer

    With only a few months left before his tenure as Defense secretary expires, Ashton Carter took one more step to drive home his point that the Pentagon needs more “innovation” in its bloodstream.

  • DoD wants to build cybersecurity into programs with new policy

    The Defense Department will release new guidance on systems security engineering, a more detailed way of explaining how and where to engineer security features into programs, in the near future.

  • As talent pool wanes, intel community looks to contractors

    Intelligence agencies are hiring contractors where government workers were once the norm. This employee deficit is a sign of a larger trend that government and the Defense Department are unable to attract top talent to their agencies over private industry.

  • Federal government gets report card on sustainability

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, the White House releases this year’s Federal Agency Strategic Sustainability Plans, providing a snapshot of the progress agencies have made becoming more environmentally friendly.

  • Better Buying Power 4.0 could be reality if stars align

    DoD would focus on sustainment costs if is has a chance to release another version of Better Buying Power.

  • Military services unveil annual honor roll for contractors

    The Army, Navy, and Air Force on Monday released their supplier performance ratings shortlists for 2016 — an honor roll for contractors’ business units scored highly by the military acquisition community.

  • White House says no to Senate defense bill

    The White House listed 20 pages worth of qualms with the Senate 2017 defense authorization bill, including military health care reforms, acquisition policy changes and personnel tweaks.

  • The principles of Better Buying Power

    George Washington University Law Professor Steve Schooner joins host Roger Waldron to discuss “Better Buying Power Principles” and their potential impact on DoD acquisition. May 31, 2016

  • DIUx gets leadership overhaul from Carter

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter is revamping the Defense Innovation Unit Experiment before it even turns a year old.