Gavin Baker

  • Fear rises of open data becoming ‘endangered’ in Trump administration

    Budget cuts and staffing shortfalls are just two problems affecting open data and transparency in the Trump administration

  • Gavin Baker, Center for Effective Government

    The year 2012 saw more Freedom of Information Act requests than any time in the law’s history. The Administrative Conference of the United States says about 650,000 requests came in and it cost the federal government at least $23 million in litigation costs, and it considers that cost a conservative estimate. Gavin Baker is an open government analyst at the Center for Effective Government. He wrote about the recommendations in the center’s blog, The Fine Print, and shared them on In Depth with Jared Serbu.

  • OSTP asks agencies for ‘bold, ambitious’ open government initiatives

    A new memo from CTO Todd Park requires agencies to update their open government plans by June 1. The plans should include new efforts as well as progress reports on current initiatives.

  • E-Gov Fund continues to stand alone, gets boost to $16M

    Senate lawmakers won out over the debate about whether or not to merge the E-Government Fund with the Federal Citizen Services Fund. DHS also receives $166 million for cybersecurity programs in the fiscal 2014 spending bill.