generative AI

(Graphic courtesy U.S. Army)Artificial Intelligence

Award-winning way to safely use generative AI

Large language model artificial intelligence. It’s like some exotic new oil. Everyone thinks it can make great recipes, but not many know how to cook with it.

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Federal Reserve looks to harness ‘generative AI incubator’

The chief innovation officer of the central bank system says it’s looking at generative AI through lens of “responsible innovation.”

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DHS to lean further into AI with generative pilots

Eric Hysen, the agency’s chief information officer and first chief AI officer, said the goal is to give employees access to new tools and technologies…

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Artificial intelligence brain with ring gears on binary code background. Vector illustration technology abstract background.

Navy discourages military generative AI, LLM usage

While generative artificial intelligence and large language models could transform Navy operations, the service’s top technology official is warning that they also could create operational security risks and would require human review.

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