Hiring Excellence

  • In new batch of federal hiring advice, OPM urges agencies to review how they assess job candidates

    The latest rendition of guidance from the Office of Personnel Management urges agencies to involve subject matter experts earlier on in the federal hiring process, better analyze and then describe a job’s tasks and responsibilities and improve assessments to evaluate candidates.

  • As Obama admin winds down, OPM calls for future civil service reform

    The Office of Personnel Management says it’s spent the past eight years working within the confines of current laws and regulations to modernize the federal personnel system and help agencies better recruit, hire and retain talented employees. But as the Obama administration winds down, OPM suggested that future administrations should more seriously discuss reform to those civil service regulations.

  • OPM, OMB attempt to make Hiring Excellence stick with new guidance

    The Obama administration released new guidance designed to officially codify the feedback its heard from agencies during the Hiring Excellence campaign and put them on path to use those lessons to improve federal hiring.

  • Confused by too many hiring options, agencies stick with what they know

    Agencies relied on 20 out of 105 different hiring authorities to fill the majority of open positions in 2014, the Government Accountability Office said. And neither OPM nor individual agencies are using the hiring data they already collect to measure whether these authorities are working.

  • OPM pitches Hiring Excellence campaign as new solution to old problem

    As part of the Hiring Excellence campaign, OPM is going on the road to speak with the federal HR community in the field. The goal is to better educate HR specialists and hiring managers about the wide variety of authorities and flexibilities they already have to recruit and hire new talent.

  • Beth Cobert: OPM connects employees, public through better data

    Beth Cobert, the acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, wants more people to know about the hard, important work federal employees do every day.

  • New Pathways, hiring toolkits coming for HR specialists this month

    The Office of Personnel Management’s tools and pilot programs to improve federal hiring and workforce engagement have improved in some areas but stalled in others.

  • Council buckles down on Hispanic hiring in federal workforce

    The Hispanic Council on Federal Employment agreed to set up a working group that would study and ultimately propose how agencies can conduct more comprehensive barrier analyses of Hispanics in the federal workforce. Hispanics made up 8.4 percent of the federal workforce in 2014.

  • OPM is hitting the road for new 2016 hiring campaign

    The Office of Personnel Management will officially launch the Hiring Excellence Campaign in January. The goal is to help agencies across the country realize and use the tools they already have to hire new, talented professionals.