Homeland Security Department

  • Cyber security

    Cyber security has received a thorough debate within the Obama administration. Now it looks like the Homeland Security Department will retain at least some role in setting standards and policy – even as a new White House office is established for cyber security. It’s taken a month for the administration to get its final report out after the 60-day review. Why? Because lots of agencies and panels were fighting for a piece of the action. But Congress has yet to weigh in. I’m Tom Temin.

  • DHS: ‘We’re not looking for the 30-year-career employee’

    The Homeland Security Department says a new cyber hiring authority is giving it an opportunity to create federal workforce of the future. Angela Bailey, DHS chief human capital officer, said she envisions a future where employees can more easily move back and forth between government and the private sector.

  • TSA reorganizing its human capital office to better respond to workforce misconduct

    Allegations of misconduct at the Transportation Security Administration jumped by nearly 29 percent between fiscal 2013 and 2015, a new House Homeland Security Committee report found. The agency said it’s reorganizing its human capital office to better respond to issues within the TSA workforce.

  • Coast Guard says it’s the first to achieve FOC on insider threat program

    The Coast Guard said it’s the first Executive Branch agency to achieve full operating capability on its insider threat program. The Homeland Security Department said it’s working to automate its continuous evaluation program, in support of a governmentwide goal to add 5 percent of the cleared population under CE by 2017.

  • White House clarifies agencies’ roles in responding to major cyber attacks

    A new presidential policy directive, which the White House released July 26, describes the roles agencies must take when responding to major cyber incidents. The departments of justice and homeland security, as well as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, have specific jobs in working with other federal agencies and industry.

  • Cyber pros score on-the-spot job offers during first-ever DHS career fair

    The Homeland Security Department drew large crowds to its first-ever tech and cybersecurity job fair in Washington this week. The department interviewed applicants, made tentative offers and started the security clearance review process on the spot for about 150 talented candidates.

  • DHS considers adding election system as critical cyber infrastructure

    The Homeland Security Department is discussing whether it should extend the same cyber defenses it provides to the electric grid or financial sector to the 9,000 state and local systems that collect, tally and report votes during a national election.

  • House lawmaker to suggest reforms to DHS structure, oversight

    House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said he plans to introduce new recommendations for reforming and reorganizing DHS. The report is intended as a series of suggestions for the next administration. McCaul also said he will introduce a plan to consolidate the 100 congressional committees that have jurisdiction and oversight on the department.

  • More DHS employees feel engaged, despite 2016 FEVS ranking

    The federal workforce said it was slightly more engaged at their agencies. Employee engagement rose slightly in 2016, rising from 64 percent in 2015 to 65 percent this year, according to the newly released results of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

  • Freeze possibility has feds shivering

    Feet cold? Put on a hat. If anything, we’re entering a golden age for federal HR.