• Draft policy pushes interagency committee to better address building security

    The Office of Management and Budget is seeking comments on a draft policy that promotes shared services for identity credentialing and access management.

  • Before replacing the CAC, DoD to evolve current smart identity card

    Andy Seymour, the Defense Department’s public key infrastructure manager, said a new policy will require the services to unlock the PIV certificate authentication on the Common Access Card.

  • Rash of data breaches forcing agencies to rethink how they verify employees’ identities

    Joe Stuntz, a former policy lead for the OMB’s cyber and national security unit, said the future of identity management lies in multiple factors to prove one’s identity.

  • NASA’s ongoing cyber woes prompts Administrator, CEO meeting

    NASA Administrator Charles Bolden met with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services CEO Meg Whitman in October to discuss ongoing challenges with the $2.5 billion ACES contract.

  • Education feeling the heat for CIO’s questionable judgment, cyber faults

    House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members took Education Department’s acting Secretary John King and chief information officer Danny Harris to task for systemic cybersecurity problems, and what some say is a lack of accountability for past behaviors.

  • Jason Miller: Implementing HSPD-12 for real this time

    Get ready for a real crackdown on cybersecurity practices. Agencies have less than two weeks to make sure all their systems administrators and other employees, known as privileged users, can only log on using their smart identification cards. The Office of Management and Budget sets hard deadlines for agencies, and it seems like they’re serious this time. Federal News Radio’s executive editor Jason Miller joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin with exclusive details on this new requirement under the administration’s 30-day cyber sprint.

  • OMB to agencies: Implement HSPD-12 for real this time

    The Office of Management and Budget gives agencies a summer deadline to implement smart ID cards for network and computer access. The White House wants system administrators and other privileged users to use two-factor authentication by mid-July and all employees by the end of August.

  • DoD, NIST grease the mobility skids

    The Defense Department and the National Institute of Standards and Technology provided a lift to the future of mobile computing in the government. DoD announced it moved its classified mobile capability from a pilot stage…

  • OMB orders 30-day cyber sprint to secure agency networks, data

    Federal CIO Tony Scott announced on Friday agencies have 30 days to report back to OMB and DHS on how they are addressing four specific areas of cybersecurity. OMB also is leading a broader effort to create a new Federal Civilian Cybersecurity Strategy.

  • DoD breaks mobile security roadblock

    The Defense Department is in the final stages of a test to show how derived credentials from the Common Access Card can secure smartphones and tablet computers. Richard Hale, the deputy CIO for cybersecurity, boldly predicts that by the end of the calendar year the military will be issuing derived credentials on mobile devices.