immigration judges

  • Union criticizes Justice Dept. sending anti-Semitic post to immigration judges

    The Justice Department’s immigration arm sent judges a morning news briefing that included a blog post from a virulently anti-immigration website

  • More immigration judges, consolidation color DOJ 2020 budget request

    Despite a proposed nearly $700 million budget decrease and several consolidations, the Justice Department wants more FTEs in fiscal 2020.

  • Dana Leigh Marks, National Association of Immigration Judges

    Congress left town ignoring the Obama administration’s request for more funding to deal with illegal immigration. Dana Leigh Marks is president of the National Association of Immigration Judges and an immigration judge in San Francisco. When we spoke with her at the peak of the surge across the Southern border in July, she described her work as handling death-penalty cases with traffic court resources. She gave an update on the situation on the Federal Drive with guest host Emily Kopp.